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為慶祝6 Senses Cooking Studio 15 週年紀念、現報讀7 至8 月親子或小廚神暑期烘焙/烹飪課程即可享受二人同行、一人價錢優惠! 有關課程內容可上本公司網站 www.s6nses.com 或 電話 2838-9905 或PM 本公司Facebook page

To celebrate 6 Senses Cooking Studio 15th Anniversary, we are giving out a special offer in July - August Summer Junior Chef / Parent n Kid baking/cooking classes. 2 person registration ONLY for 1 price! For further classes detail pls visit our website www.s6nses.com or by phone 2838-9905 or PM our Facebook page

March 15 2019 - Into Life - “Step Into Life” New Brand Launch Conference 活出優質生活品牌發佈會

20/12/2018 Chef Denice 同小廚神Summer 參與Kids Kiss N Cook Grand Opening

23/1 Cancer Information 癌症資訊慈善烹飪分享會。 鳴謝Foodwise 慧品食材贊助

Sept 1 - 2, 2018 IPACI Best Cut - Vancouver, BC Canada

Chef Denice x WholeBrand - Season 4 TV Show @ Canada Fairchild TV

Aug 8 2018 Foodwise - Yoho and Wai Ying Pun Stores Grand Opening - Chef Denice x Junior Chefs

Aug 18 2018 - TME Live Demo @Yata Shatin

2018 Foodwise Live Demo @ Eugene BB Expo - Chef Denice x Junior Chefs

2018 Food Expo - Chef Denice x Junior Chefs

Chef Max @ RHKJC 2018 Team Building

Chef Denice x Junior Chefs @ 2018 Summer Silence Group Charity Parent and Kid Cooking Class

6 Senses 月餅訂購表格
訂購日期: : 2018 年8 月2 日 至2018 年 9 月21 日
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6 Senses Cooking Studio 導師- 胡忠興效早前接受明報周刋2561 期訪問 (09/12/2017)

March 10 2018 - Chef Denice x Summer n Rhea (Junior Chefs) Charity Cooking Class for Silence Group坊

Easter Cookies 訂購表格
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呼吸希望 x Denice Wai

6 Senses Cooking Studio Mooncake order form
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3rd session of Fairchild TV Vancouver TV program - launched on May 8 2017

Fairchild TV Vancouver April 2017 interview

chocolate rain X Denice Wai - 2016 HK Golden Book Award

A Thai Twist on Hong Kong Flavours
Local celebrity chef Denice Wai designs delectable menus for “In Style • Hong Kong” promotion in Bangkok

HKTDC In Style Chef Denice Wai promotion video

IPACI - Vancouver - Taiwan - Hong Kong Culinary competition
Sept 3 - 4 2016

Hong Kong Food Expo - Gourmet Zone - Star Chef Kitchen
Aug 12 2016

Chocolate Rain X Denice Wai 手繪親子食譜書press conference
July 2016

Fairchild TV (Vancouver) - Your Story, My Treat (溫哥華Fairchild 電視台 - 名人鮮入為煮)
KMay 9 2016 - Present

Chinese New Year
Korean Pepperoni Radish Cake and ordering

Ordering and distribution information

Merry Christmas from 6 Senses

Mooncake ordering and distribution

Aug 13 2015 Food Expo - Gourmet Zone Live Demonstration
Aug 13 - 17 2015 Food Expo Event and TDC Press Conference
"Home Chef Meets Master Chef" - On Air 2015 Fall Fairchild TV (Vancouver)
TVB Network Vision - Denice's Kitchen
TVB 綱絡電視 - 新派煮意 - Denice's 廚房
March 27 2015 - Vancouver Fairchild TV "大城小聚" interview
Fairchild TV (Vancouver) February 18 2015 CNY Countdown at Aberdeen Centre, Richmond with Mary Lo
溫哥華新城電視台舉辦Aberdeen Centre2015年2月18日農曆新年倒數之夜
嘉饌尚品 - Dining Plus 星級糕品 新聞報道
Denice Wai - 意大利的第一堂課加印第二版
2015 TVB 網絡電視 - 糕手過招
Dining Plus - 嘉饌尚品- 2015 賀年糕品發佈會
Cheers Magazine - 2015 CNY 賀年特輯
星級賀年糕品 - Denice Wai 韋兆嫻 - 紅菜頭年糕售買點


圓方 360

希慎 market place








Interview with 48 hours magazine SCMP
7 November 2014
新派煮意 - Denice 廚房響TVB 為食台逢星期一播出
猩猩廚房 - TVB 綱絡兒童台逢星期五 5:00/7:00 播出

我係小廚神 - TVB 翡翠台逢星期六晚上7:35-8:35 播出

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Disney Princess Magazine (since 2008)
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